Kamis, 14 Maret 2013


This girl
There's something about this girl that made me smile every-freaking-time.
Her smile is so sweet
Like Hamtaro.

Her voice so pure like water
Her warmth
Her cuteness
Her everything could swept you away to a dreamland

She's the kind of girl that would grab your heart
And paint it... with her love and joy
and happiness
She could make your day more colorful
She could make your seconds more precious
She could make your life more...

She's a blessing, I say
She's an angel, a beautiful one
With a squint of pure devil inside of her
That made her a perfect daddy's little girl
For me, It's a perfect combination.

She kidnapped my heart
She made me laugh
She annoyed me sometimes
But, that doesn't matter now

She's an angel
She really is
Once you see her smile, you'll melt
Smile too.

She's like a baby
Nooo, not the always-crying-and-whining one
She's pure
Not a saint nor a devil
But, there's something about her that just made me smile
It's a blessing for me to have her
As my best friend

She's adorable
She's lovely and lovable
She's a-ma-zing.
I love her.
My besties and I love her.
Everyone loves her.

I'm telling you. she's a real deal.
She is this TwigglyTwinkyShaby.

Born as Shabrina Belinda Irawan
on the 16th day of may.

She's summer,
But sure as hell no winter.

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